The Who's Who of Death by Substance Abuse

It's Time to Take a Look at the figures behind the numbers.


Death/Drugs/Data is a medium that puts information into one realm so correlations can thrive.

(But right now it's branded just for drugs...)

For it's first birthday, we focused on one thing that is really important to us. Addiction is the leading cause of death in the US and it's only getting worse. We read high profile stories in the press but don’t realize that this is a part of a exacerbating pattern. They all remain isolated incidents until you tie it all together into a format that shows the devastating toll addiction takes on our society.

Today, we have a small sketch outlining a new approach to information. Seeing over a century of death of brilliant people of all disiplines. Rather than reading about one tragic death, we can learn about the long-standing trend that one death was a part of and spur people to action and have greater insight on this issue.

Soon, this platform will provide people with the opportunity to chart their own experiences, add new datasets and compare pieces of information that are living in the nearest and farthest corners of cyberspace.

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Timeline of Wikipedia-Listed Drug-related Deaths

occupation breakdown substance abuse breakdown

What does this all mean?

Everyone loves alcohol

Heroin is most popular with musicians

Athletes and scientists don't like pills or cigarettes

Writers love alcohol more.